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Get your site listed on more search engines and high traffic sites in an instant.  

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Submit In An Instant givers your website the edge by submitting your website to over search engines and high traffic sites in an instant,  no waiting for hours,  or 'just submitting' to the big engines,  with Submit In An Instant your site gets the full exposure it deserves,  and needs to survive.

Who needs Submit In An Instant?

BOTH business and personal users can benefit from using Submit In An Instant.
For Business users,  our fully automated system has the power and accuracy to fulfill all your web site promotion needs,  whilst personal users benefit from our low pricing structure - our full submission service costs just 8 UK Sterling, $ 12.00 (US Dollars),   a fraction of the cost of other services,  whilst we support literally hundreds more submission sites!

How do we do it so cheap?

Total automation.  Right from your initial order your submission is handled instantly by our server bank.  Once your payment has been processed (online using a secure server),  your submission starts,  you do not have to wait for manual intervention at any time.  This allows us to keep our costs down and pass these savings onto you.

How do you compare to the competition?

Submit in an Instant is currently handling over 1000 site submissions per day.  Many of these  are direct sales from people like you who are at our site,  but most are what we call 'back office' sales from other companies who offer similar services,  charge their own premium and pass the submission onto us for handling.  For those services that don't run their submission through us,  simply compare their price and the number of engines they support.  You will see the difference!

If you currently run,  or would like to add a submission service to your own site click here for more information on our agent program.

Why is promotion important?

With around 80% of people using search engines to locate the service they require on the internet, web site promotion has never been more important than it is today.

Which Search Engines do you support

All the important ones,  and some major high traffic link sites as well!   

Full a full list of all supported search engines click here.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely - in fact we recommend it!

You can try a free demonstration of the Submit In An Instant service right now by clicking this link,  this will submit your site to 10 search engines including Infoseek and Excite instantly.  If you like what you see you can use the same form to submit your site to over other engines instantly*!

The bottom line.

Simply put,  we believe Submit In An Instant has no competition,  we are not matched on price or accuracy,  our database of engines is updated daily, and because our systems are totally automated it would be difficult for anyone to match us on performance grounds.    This translates to a great deal for you,  our customer,  and the success of your website.

Why not give our demonstration a run now,   or try our full service,  whichever you choose you will be making the first step to successful web site promotion.

Remember - performance matters - Submit In An Instant provides the performance you are entitled to at an unbeatable price.

* Due to the current high levels of traffic at peak times your submission may be placed in a queue and not be made 'in an instant'.   The current queue time is :  0 hours 3 minutes inclusive of the credit card authorization time.  We are installing additional equipment to handle this loading and aim to minimize this queue time.